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XZILEplayerunknowns BATTLEGROUNDS will feature both 2D and 3D match replays.
During Early Access, we will add the ability for you
to replay your match and analyze the play styles of other players.

Alongside our 2D replay system, we will also have
3D in-game replays. With the 3D replay system,
you will can record your match using a spectator camera system,
giving content creators a new way to capture your character’s matches.
Kerozed   This game is for pussy... :d
Kerozed   i'm sticky on the division and diablo III...
XZILE   fits you perfrct then kero
XZILE   created a new thread New game coming soon in the News & Announcements forum
XZILE   created a new thread hey hey hello in the General Discussion forum
KerozedLast post, héhéhéhé i don't know why but i like this song...
1. Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling
Hey! Joel here. Thanks for coming to my channel. If you like...
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HOW TO INCURSION "YOLO on The Division" #4 - StoneMountain64...
YOLO on the Division is back! Taking down rogues in the Dark...
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May 2016- Squad
The Wheels of Squad are turning! Hot on the heels of V6, it's time for the Monthly Recap! While most of the month was dedicated to working on the Alpha V6 release, there was still ...
Elite Dangerous 2.1 Beta 4 Patch Notes
Hi commanders, we've applied an update to Elite Dangerous 2.1 beta today. Below are the changes for beta 4 on the PTS. We expect for the PTS to be down for up to two hours. As alwa...
KerozedStill no vehicules...
Alpha Version 6- Squad
Alpha Version 6 Incoming! It's Update time! We would like to thank our community for being so patient with us as we continue to grind away at the beast known as Squad development. ...
Heroes & Generals
Heroes & Generals Forum
The Division update 1.2: Conflit | Actualités et infos sur T...
Avec la mise à jour 1.2 à l'horizon, nous avons un nouveau trailer à vous montrer !
April 2016- Squad
Spring would not be spring without Squad. April has come and gone, time to update you good people in the Squad-space about whats been happening behind the scenes! For those still u...
Améliorer l'Expérience des Joueurs - Sujet: Tricherie & Expl...
Dès le début du développement, nous mettons toujours l'accent sur l'expérience du joueur et nous tenons sincèrement à ce qu'elle soit bonne. Nous avons de grands projets pour l'ave...
KerozedIf we got any map modders here, there is the link...
Squad Mappers SDK Version 1.0
Please read this post in its entirety. By clicking the download link you are confirming that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Squad SDK v1.0 We wi
Elite Dangerous: Horizons patch 2.0.08
Greetings Commanders, We have an update on the way this morning. We expect the servers to be offline for up to a few hours. The servers will be offline starting from 10AM BST, and ...
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Only1Greek Took this right after I got home from the paint shop, not bad for 11 years old, looks new again :)
stusouthcroft shared this video...
stusouthcroft SWTOR LVL 70 SUBSCRIBERS
new command ranks same as xp lvl bar at the bottom

Only1Greek Picked this up last night, its a 2002 Cadillac Deville Touring Sedan (Loaded)
has 110K ... More
stusouthcroft SWTOR
January 5th Livestream Wrap-up | 01.05.2017, 10:25 PM
Hey folks,

Thank you to ... More
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